BSDCAN2017 Interview with Peter Hessler Reyk Floeter and Henning Brauer
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Tom Smyth
2017-12-28 23:47:41 UTC
Hello All,

While attending BSDCAN2017 in Ottawa I met many OpenBSD Developers,
and I was fortunate to grab a few moments and video an interview
with Peter Hessler, Henning Brauer and Reyk Floeter and talk to
them about OpenBSD generally,
I really appreciate the guys generosity in their time on the
I have posted the video here

It was done on behalf of thebrotherswisp, a group
of techs who work in wireless ISP industry and we often discuss
issues of interest to wireless ISP network operators.

If you see me at another conference and you are an Experienced
OpenBSD user or OpenBSD Developer I would be happy to video and
edit the interview and post it so that it might be useful to
others who are new to OpenBSD and who are interested in learning
more about what is happening with OpenBSD

Feedback comments and suggestions for future OpenBSD Topics welcome

If you are interested in perhaps having a video call interview if you
have something interesting that you want to share I would be happy to
help and record and edit the interview and post it
If anyone wants downloadable copy of that interview contact me
directly and I will give you a download link if you want to archive
it or host it on your own website...

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the video

Tom Smyth
Mihai Popescu
2017-12-29 00:18:11 UTC
Post by Tom Smyth
Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the video
Thank you and the developers.

P.S. I hate that TAXI more than the cheaters in the background.