SPDIF not working with azalia(4) based card
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Ricardo Mestre
2018-04-10 06:28:03 UTC
Hi misc@

I have an azalia(4) based card integrated in my motherboard connected to a
receiver through SPDIF, but I can't make it output any sound, only if I connect
the cable to the 3.5mm headphone jack. And yes, I already toggled the
outputs.mode to digital through mixerctl(1). When I play something audioctl(1)
shows bytes going through and the receiver blinks, which means something is
getting there, the sound is just not being output through SPDIF.

To note that this receiver is properly working with SPDIF under Windows on the
same machine and also on another crappy machine (with OpenBSD) with an NVIDIA
MCPxx chipset (sorry I don't have a dmesg available for that one right now).

Please find attached audioctl, mixerctl and dmesg (with AZALIA_DEBUG), and let
me know which obvious knob I'm missing to enable/change?