rtable, rdomain for ppp0 with DHCP assigned IP
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Stuart Henderson
2018-12-10 09:56:11 UTC
Stuck when running cvsync in rdomain 1. It seems cvsync does not using
second routing table because of pf.conf misconfiguration or something.
em0 as a main ISP channel, ppp0 works as reserved wireless ISP channel.
Some system services like cvsync, git, ntp should use second routing
table (rtable 1) assigned to ppp0.
# route -T1 exec cvsync -c /etc/cvsync.conf
Connecting to cvsync_server_remote_IP port 7777
host cvsync_server_remote_IP port 7777: Can't assing requested address
service is not available at cvsync_server_remote_IP port 7777
--- configs
# cat /etc/hostname.em0
rdomain 0
# cat /etc/hostname.ppp0
rdomain 1
DHCP doesn't run on PPP.
# pppd call ISP
# ifconfig ppp0
ppp0: flags=8051<UP,POINTTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> rdomain 1 mtu 1500
index 7 priority 0 llprio 3
grups: ppp
inet ISP_ppp0_gateway --> local_ppp0_IP netmask 0xffffffc0
# route -T1 show
local_ppp0_IP ISP_ppp0_gateway_IP UH Prio 8 ppp0
ISP_ppp0_gateway_IP ISP_ppp0_gateway_IP UHl Prio 1 ppp0
No default route. Perhaps you need to run pppd in rdomain 1?
# cat /etc/pf.conf
match out on rdomain 0 from lo0 to any nat-to (em0) port 1024:65535 rtable 0
match out on rdomain 1 from lo0 to any nat-to (ppp0) port 1024:65535
rtable 1
pass out quick on ppp0 inet proto tcp from (ppp0) to any port 7777 flags
S/SA modulate state queue cvs
As an aside, I would recommend using rsync rather than cvsync - many
of the repo mirrors offer this, it's noted on cvsync.html. cvsync is
fragile and frequently breaks.