Roaming Laptop and slaacd
(too old to reply)
Marc Peters
2017-12-19 12:53:27 UTC
Hi Florian,

i am sending this email also directly to you, as you are the author of slaacd and companions.

When roaming with my Laptop between offices/home or just different IPv6 enabled networks, i have to delete the remaining IPv6 addresses from the previous network by hand to get it working again. Is it possible, to mark the addresses not included in solicitations when stateless autoconfiguration for an interface is enabled as deprecated addresses (like the kernel did before) to have them not used when the location changed in suspend?
Another question is, that i have the line "/usr/sbin/slaacctl send solicitation trunk0" in /etc/apm/resume but need to fire this command again to get addresses and routers when resuming my laptop. If you would like me to test some code for this, just let me know and i will happily do.