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2018-12-11 01:20:11 UTC

I have OpenBSD installed on my laptop (6.4 GENERIC.MP#1 amd64). I love
And I hope to fix Wi-Fi problem described below. Because staying on wire
is not comfort way :)

My network device is Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11 PCI-E NIC.

# dmesg | grep Realtek | grep pci2
"Realtek 8191SE" rev 0x00 at pci2 dev 0 function 0 not configured

# pcidump -v 2:0:0
2:0:0: Realtek 8191SE
0x0000: Vendor ID: 10ec Product ID: b723
0x0004: Command: 0007 Status: 0010
0x0008: Class: 02 Subclass: 80 Interface: 00 Revision: 00
0x000c: BIST: 00 Header Type: 00 Latency Timer: 00 Cache Line
Size: 10
0x0010: BAR io addr: 0x00002000/0x0100
0x0014: BAR empty (00000000)
0x0018: BAR mem 64bit addr: 0x0000000090500000/0x00004000
0x0020: BAR empty (00000000)
0x0024: BAR empty (00000000)
0x0028: Cardbus CIS: 00000000
0x002c: Subsystem Vendor ID: 17aa Product ID: b736
0x0030: Expansion ROM Base Address: 00000000
0x0038: 00000000
0x003c: Interrupt Pin: 01 Line: 0a Min Gnt: 00 Max Lat: 00
0x0040: Capability 0x01: Power Management
State: D0
0x0050: Capability 0x05: Message Signalled Interrupts (MSI)
0x0070: Capability 0x10: PCI Express
Link Speed: 2.5 / 2.5 GT/s Link Width: x1 / x1
0x0100: Enhanced Capability 0x01: Advanced Error Reporting
0x0140: Enhanced Capability 0x03: Device Serial Number
0x0150: Enhanced Capability 0x18: Latency Tolerance Reporting
0x0158: Enhanced Capability 0x1e: L1 PM

By the way, rtwn driver has the firmware for my device:
# ls /etc/firmware | grep rtwn-rtl8723

As one can see, the device is detected. Vendor's ID 10ec is Realtek, and
17aa is Lenovo. It's OK, as I see.
But card is not determined properly. However, "Product ID: b723" is
close to reality.
What should I do to match correctly all these entities and to fix
problem with this pci device?
As I see, there are few options to solve my problem.
Could you tell me the best option?

Current state of firmware packages:
$ fw_update -i
Installed: intel-firmware-20180807p0v0 uvideo-firmware-1.2p2
Installed, extra: rtwn-firmware-20180103 rsu-firmware-1.2p1

Thank you.